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Which authentication methods should we use? This is one of the most common questions you’ll need to address as you roll out multi-factor authentication (MFA) across your organization. It’s critical to build a holistic MFA strategy that utilizes the right methods in the right places.

While traditional MFA methods such as phone-based or hardware tokens sometimes make sense, all too often there are use cases where these just won’t cut it or trust needs to go beyond simply confirming a device or token. That’s where Identity-Bound Biometrics comes in — providing a quick and secure authentication method that verifies the person, not just their device. With the advent of new techniques for capturing biometrics, such as mobile apps, companies are incorporating biometrics into their employee- and customer-facing MFA strategies in ways that previously weren’t possible.

This session will help you decide where in your business to prioritize biometrics-based authentication by demonstrating some of the most sensible industry uses cases for the technology. 



Kimberly Biddings

VP of Product

BIO-key International

Kimberly Biddings has over 10 years of cybersecurity and Identity and Access Management (IAM) market knowledge and experience, gained across multiple authentication and cybersecurity firms. Now as the VP of Product at BIO-key International Kimberly is focused on driving growth and deployments of BIO-key’s IAM and Identity-Bound Biometric (IBB) solutions. Kimberly continues to be a thought leader and advocate for evolving the way organizations and people approach cybersecurity in our everyday lives.


Bradley Barth

Director of Community Content

CyberRisk Alliance

As director of community content at CyberRisk Alliance, Bradley Barth develops content for SC Media online conferences and events, as well as video/multimedia projects. For nearly six years, he wrote and reported for SC Media as deputy editor and, before that, senior reporter. He was previously a program executive with the tech-focused PR firm Voxus. Past journalistic experience includes stints as business editor at Executive Technology, a staff writer at New York Sportscene and a freelance journalist covering travel and entertainment. In his spare time, Bradley also writes screenplays.

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