Cloud contact centers for financial services: delivering agility and superior CX at scale

The financial services industry has long held a reputation of being traditional and conservative, largely due to the security and

3 ways to use digital communication channels for collections

Today’s mortgage servicers must embrace digital technologies to remain competitive. Leveraging an omnichannel contact center with advanced analytics is a

Enhancing Teams with enterprise-grade telephony

Today’s businesses depend on a robust communications experience to drive innovation, and phone calls are at the heart of that

Understanding reliability

It’s easy to confuse the concept of the reliability of a cloud communications solution with the related—but different—concept of availability.

Security: What to Look for in a UCaaS Provider

When COVID-19 first struck, many organizations rushed to deploy cloud-based Unified Communications-as-a-Service and video meeting solutions. But in the rush,

What your business needs for a hybrid and remote-first workplace

Close your eyes and picture what “going to work” looks like. Just a few years ago, it would look like

Understanding business continuity

If there’s one thing the last few years have shown, it’s that disasters can strike at any moment. The COVID-19

Why it pays to have a single vendor for cloud communications and contact center

It pays off to have all communications tools under one umbrella How many vendors do you use, or are planning

What your employees need to keep your customers happy

Want happy customers?Have happy employees Just how happy are your employees? Do they enjoy their work? Do they often go

The key to building a customer-centric team

It doesn’t matter whether you have a traditional or an eCommerce store, the above holds true. What this means in

Next-Gen Cloud Contact Centers

The world around us has changed a lot since the COVID-19 pandemic. The customer experience has been completely redefined, and

Egnyte for Life Sciences

Topics include: How to leverage ELS, including our GXP compliance portal Audit trails and reporting tools How to streamline data

Investing in an eTMF?

The eClinical revolution has provided a host of electronic solutions to reduce paper usage and increase efficiency in clinical trials.

Best Practices for an Effective Quality Documentation Process

Introduction Drug development has gone through a lot of change over the past decade. A practice once dominated by pen-and-paper

Best Practices for 21 CFR Part 11 and GxP Validation for Electronic Records

Introduction Drug development has dramatically changed over the past ten years. A practice once dominated by pen-andpaper has since transitioned


Disruption thrust B2B manufacturers into digital acceleration in 2020 and 2021. The pandemic brought issues that B2B manufacturers had found


With security threats continuously mounting and the threat landscape evolving at record speeds, organizations continue to seek the guidance of

Third-party Risk and the Supply Chain

2021 was a real eye opener for businesses and government agencies reliant on third-party technology and services. Before SolarWinds sent out